StemGL Download page

Welcome to StemGL download page. StemGL is a GreenLab project production.

StemGL implements the GrenLab model in the single stem mode.
StemGL code runs in MatLab and free GNU Octave environments.
Click a picture to download your file.
Size: 188 MB file: octave-4.2.1-w64-installer.exe
Contains the GNU Octave environment. Download and install it.
Size:116 KB
Contains the Stem_GL MatLab(TM) Code and data file samples.
Download and unzipped it.
Size: 2.34 MB File: Tuto_StemGL_V1.3.1_Web.pdf
Contains a short StemGL presentation.
Size: 725 KB File: PMA18_StemGL_VF.pdf
StemGL principles and bases (submission to PMA18 event)
Copyrights CIRAD.    GreenLab projet.    M. Jaeger. 2018, October, 31th.