GreenLab Amap

   Modelling Plant Development & Growth



  GreenLab Amap overview

The GreenLab Amap research team created January 2001 stands from a long history on plant growth architecture and functioning modelling: Amap 80's pioneer's work, the Sino-French Cplant/GreenLab project, the DigiPlante CIRAD-ECP-INRIA EPI.

GreenLab Amap aims to build Functional Architectural Plant Models (FAPM), integrating knowledge from plant architecture and ecophysiology. The team builds on a multidisciplinary framework involving applied mathematics, life sciences, environmental science and computer science, organized along three axis:

- Model definition and its formalism
Modelling the growth and architectural development of plants, from individual specimen to population, in interaction with the environment. Developping the model formalism, thanks to structure factoring and dynamic yield equations

- Model applications in agronomy and forestry
Developping parametric identification and validation on plant crops. Fine-tuning of optimisation and monitoring methods to ensure the model capabilities to environmental science applications.

- Software developments
Building growth simulation software tools for plants, crops and functional landscapes. Multi-scale representation of plants, crops and populations for image synthesis and scientific visualization.