GreenLab Amap

   Modelling Plant Development & Growth



  GreenLab Amap projects

The GreenLab Amap holds several research, application and educational projects

Academic project:

- Plant models in the frame of crop/stand production
Concerned species are: Coffea, Tectonis Grandis, Spilanthes

Applications projects
Modeling the Guayule structure and production: the GuayulSim project (2018-2019) supported by the Labex Agro (ID 1605-026)
Sofware developments related to plant growth, calibration and visualization.
StemGL. StemGL is the GreenLab implementation for single stem plants

- Education and Scientific animation
UVED project. GreenLab Online Teaching Resource
PMA events. PMA international symposia (Plant growth Modeling and their Applications) are an international event launched at the initiative of GreenLab chinese and French teams.